About the Dealer for Africa

Our Heart for Africa


Lee Albaugh has been a part of Zambia, Africa, for over 30 years.  We have developed and continue to work with the Luswepo Christian Centre where we train at risk people in Skills of farming, tailoring, forestry and computer as well as leadership skills for churches and communities.  Coffee is a crop that we are introducing to the region as a means of people to have a cash crop to improve their living standards which are currently endemic with HIV-AIDS, malaria and extreme poverty.

Our Passion for Coffee


In 2005 we imported our first coffee from Zambia.  Zambian soils produce a coffee that is low acidic and with a smooth finish!  Since that time we imported several containers which we sold to local US roasters, as well as supplying our own customer base.  In 2013 we began growing our own coffee in the northern part of Zambia.  This year (2015) we will have a small crop on our 30+ acres.  It is being grown using Mycorrhizal Fungi, a natural fungi which grows together with the root system of the plant and increases the natural uptake of nutrients and water without chemicals.  

Our Passion for African People


Concerned about African families, our attempt is to pay more than other farmers for the labor intensive needs of coffee, while introducing them to coffee as a cash crop for themselves and their families.  Our region has no paying jobs and so very little available for the needs of their families, as well as the impacts of high death rates due to disease and poverty.  Our goal, to see families self sufficient and productive.
Lee Albaugh and Thorn Tree Coffee, LLC, is an Oregon Corporation, and the dealer for Zambia of MycoApply Products.  Lee has been actively a part of Zambian communities and farming since the mid 1970’s.

About the Manufacturer

Mycorrhizal Applications is an Oregon Corporation, USA.  MycoApply products are grown in the USA.  Our registered trademark is MycoApply.  The company has over 35 years of experience in developing these products for agriculture.  We are the world’s leading supplier of Mycorrhizal fungi for agriculture use, and have researched and tested products, grown in-vitro by our patented processes.

See more information at:  http://www.mycorrhizae.com