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It has become so hard and cost to farm these years when commodities makes it hard for a farmer, especially with rise in droughts, with farmers resorting to means such as irrigation water and putting on irrigation water is not cheap, you may run out of irrigation water, this process can make a farmer incur loses. The need for petroleum cost, electrical costs are going up, and machines are raising more expenses than anything else, as well fertilizer costs going high. So how does Mycorrhizae (Endo Prime EA) help reduce these costs?

  • It can get more water in the ground, therefore reduced need for irrigation.
  • It can keep water in the soil last longer and can get enough water in the ground when needed.
  • It reduces the dependence on fertilizer and on the other hand increase in yield.

Mycorrhizae fungi  (Endo Prime EA) is the key method to your struggle, try Endo Prime EA Product and experience the magic.

Agriculture and the roots

Plants often don’t grow healthy as expected.  With the availability of nutrients in the ground, it is quite surprising to many farmers how the soil might have everything but the plants seem not to be getting enough nutrients and grow healthy, plants roots only occupy about  2% of soil volume but with inoculation of soil with Mycorrhizal fungi (Myco Endo Prime EA), it enables the plant roots to occupy over 20% of the soil volume. The fungi (Myco Endo Prime) contains spores which forms roots that joins with the plant roots called the hyphae, this enables the plant to reach enough water and nutrients required to grow a health plant. Try Myco Endo Prime EA to experience the magic and you will never go wrong.

Inoculated and the untreated


Reasons for farmers not to lose hope

 Mycorrhizae is a fungi that enables the farmers to continue and not  lose hope, if your crops are withering, unhealthy growth, soil problems, droughts  as well lacking potential  water and nutrients uptake. Myco Endo Prime EA has got you covered, it is very beneficial to soil, it makes it comfy and good environment for plants as well increases the uptake of  distant water and nutrients aside from that, it is droughts tolerance . So increase your yields with  Endo prime EA.

Inoculate your plants with Mycorrhiza (Endo Prime EA)


 Mycorrhizae (Endo Prime EA) help plants become more drought-tolerant due to effects on soil. It is considered friendly  to environment, not only friendly but also increases yields and on the other hand reducing farmers reliance on fertilizers as well as pesticides.










Helps improving nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and also protects yield potentiality throughout the entire season.


The Benefits of Endo Prime EA Inoculation

  Hyphae & root system
 Healthy and green plants

Farmers are often faced with the challenge of having inadequate  rains for a desired harvest  because of droughts, especially when plantation times are not promising with adequate or enough rains. Therefore, they end up harvesting little and unsatisfying outcome, but on the other side when Myco Endo Prime EA is used to inoculate the plants and there is a lot that the plants can benefit it. Endo Prime EA (Mycorrhizal fungi) when is used for inoculation, helps the crops with drought resistance, and tolerance of  different environmental stress. Also helps the plants roots to branch further than the actual roots can spread by attaching with the hyphae that comes as a result of the treated soil with Endo Prime EA Inoculant, which can be added to the soil by soil incorporation, seed treatment  or other various means, with the extension of hyphae a plant is able to reach enough nutrients to sustain it self, this also helps the plant stay healthy and green. Not only that but with increased yields. Try  Endo Prime EA, a natural product that will surpass your expectation.

For good growth of your plants

MycoApply natural product Endo prime EA, contains a Mycorrhizal fungi which allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. It also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses. As well the fungi play a major role in soil aggregation process.  mycorrhizae provide different benefits to the plants and to the environment:

  1. Reduction need for fertilizer.
  2. Experience increase in yields
  3. Increased drought resistance.
  4. Increased pathogen resistance.
  5. Increased plant health and stress tolerance and much more

Experience the Magic With Endo Prime EA

MycoApply product Endo Prime EA, is extremely effective on plants and change is assured,  in such  a way that a plant is able to tolarate droughts, there so many benefits which includes:

  • Environmental friendliness for the plants.
  • Promotes faster root growth, by improving and enabling a plant to have long roots which help with the uptake of nutrients.
  • Mycorrhizal  fungi helps your plant to access nutrients beyond the reach of plant roots.
  • Excretes organic acids to release soil-bound nutrients making them more available to the plants.

For Healthy Growth

Endo Prime EA is a product which contains fungi which is natural  and helps farmers with their crops,  especially in these times when costs make it hard to farm, Mycoapply gives the edge to the farmer with lower inputs, higher yields, healthier crops and improves soils.